RPP Goup was incorporated in 1994 with an objective of hydroelectricity generation through optimal utilization of resources within the country. To generate electricity from renewable sources is a global focus. Hydro power has tremendous potential and plays an important role in emission-free generation of power. RPP name has been synonymous with the hydro power sector of over two decades.

After years of exploring the available opportunities in the industry, it successfully acquired and completed its first hydropower asset, Guntur Branch Canal of Nagarjuna Sagar Right Canal with an installed capacity of 2.8 MW in 1998. The plant has been operating successfully.

The Group currently identified 24 MW of Hydro assets located on Baitarani river of Odisha. The construction of this project will start from October 2013 and is expected to commence operations in May 2016.

We are headed by “Mr. Y. V. Subba Rao”, an experienced entrepreneur who has led us from the front. Under his guidance, we have grown exponentially and successfully crafted a distinguished position for ourselves in hydro power sector.

The strength of RPP Group is in its ability to offer all-inclusive solutions for the following business segments:

  • SMALL HYDRO – Up-to 30MW units
  • MEDIUM HYDRO – Up-to 100MW units &
  • UP-GRADATION of existing Hydro power plants.

RPP Group has established following two subsidiaries:

  • RPP Limited (2.8 MW)
  • Baitarani Power projects Pvt ltd (24 MW)